Glucose supplements boost protein levels, boost fat-burning

  • June 6, 2021

Gluconeogenesis, the process by which sugars are broken down into glucose and other amino acids, has been a major focus of researchers and the public in recent years.

However, while there is a body of evidence that suggests it works, its effects on fat metabolism have been poorly studied.

Now, scientists have found that gluconeogenic supplements such as creatine and whey protein can boost fat burning by helping to prevent obesity and improve muscle performance, and improve glycemic control.

“This is really a big step forward for understanding the role of gluconeogenesis in human energy metabolism,” said lead researcher Dr. Robert M. Pescatore, of the University of Washington.

“It’s one of the few systems that we know about that is known to work synergistically with the other system.”

Pescatores team found that creatine and protein supplementation could boost fat oxidation and reduce insulin resistance.

The researchers say the combination of creatine and a whey source can help reduce fat burning in overweight and obese adults.

The researchers conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on 645 overweight and non-obese adults.

The subjects were given a single, two-week loading phase, followed by a three-week recovery period.

After the recovery period, the subjects were tested for weight and fat-free mass for one week.

After two weeks, subjects were randomly assigned to one of two groups: creatine or whey.

After two weeks of testing, the creatine group gained 1.1 pounds (0.8 kilograms) while the whey group gained only 1.5 pounds (1.0 kilograms).

The study also found that protein supplementation significantly improved the participants’ energy expenditure, as measured by heart rate and muscle soreness.

In fact, the wheys group increased their heart rate by 3.4 beats per minute (BPM), while the creatine groups increased their BPM by 2.4 BPM.

Both the creatine and the wheynys groups also showed increased insulin sensitivity, as well as decreased body fat mass.

The study, published online in the journal Metabolism, also found an increase in fat-derived markers in both groups of subjects.

“I think we know the protein supplementation effects are very positive,” said Dr. Pascual-Leone, who was not involved in the study.

“We don’t know whether this is a positive or negative effect, but it’s good to see.”

According to Pescato, the findings should help scientists to better understand how gluconeogens can contribute to weight management and the benefits of exercise in people with obesity.

The authors note that other research has shown that whey can help decrease inflammation, and that the combination is likely to help prevent and treat certain forms of obesity.

They also note that the results of this study were based on a single study, and so it’s possible that this type of study will be repeated in other studies.

But the researchers say that their findings may not apply to people who already have obesity, as long as their fat-burner supplements are made in a way that doesn’t affect their metabolism or weight.

“It’s very important to remember that the main issue here is weight,” Pescatello said.

“If the supplements work, then the effect of this combination is not significant.”

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