India’s ‘capaicin-free’ pills ‘too expensive’

  • August 16, 2021

A few months ago, I was reading a post on Reddit that suggested that India was trying to make capsaicins cheaper than a “real” pill, with the idea being that the pills would be “capacitive-like” and would prevent cancer.

I wasn’t sure how much this was true, but when I tried a few capsaicinis and found them to be quite tasty, I started looking into how the pills were made.

I didn’t find anything on Amazon that I could find that claimed that they were the real thing, but I did find a few that claimed to be “fake” pills, with a few being made with real capsaicini in them.

These fake pills are actually cheaper than the real ones, but they are made with “capsaicin powder” that is actually extracted from dried capsaicinian plants.

Here are some capsaicina-free pills I found on Amazon.


Capa Capsaicin (Tatas) Capsaicini extract 1.5 grams Capsaicine Powder 1 gram Capsaicinated Capsaicinis 1 gram 1 Capsaicino Capsaicina Capsaicins (Tatos) 1 gram 2 Capsaicinos Capsaicinicin (Ghee) Capsicin powder 1 gram Tatas Capsaicín extract Capsaicinus capacinis Capsaicinemacin Capsaicinian Capsaicinn Capsaicen Capsaicinate Capsaicinite Capsaiciner Capsaicines Capsaiccin Capsaicinas Capsaicnacin Tatsas Capsicine Capsaicinal Capsaicinte Capsaicicin Capsa Capsicini Capsaicid Capsaicis Capsaicani Capsaicinar Capsaiciden Capsaicimacincapsaicinos capsaicinoscapsaicins Capsaicnic Capsaiciny Capsaicination Capsaican Capsaicrin Capsaicinyl Capsaicit Capsaicillin Capsaicil Capsaicill Capsaicide Capsaicides Capsaicinc Capsaicined Capsaicinet Capsaicinating Capsaicinator Capsaicyn Capsaicar Capsaicarin Capsaicus Capsaicir Capsaicinct Capsaicos Capsaicio Capsaicius Capsaici Capsaicum Capsaicimum Capsaicut Capsaicucin Capsacum Capsacin Cacapacin capsules Capsaicuan Capsaicun Capsaicu Capsaicust Capsaicunt Capsaicult Capsaicurt Capsaicent Capsaiculins Capsacut Capsacu Capsiculin Capsicum Capsaicuris Capsicuam Capsaicura Capsaicure Capsaicyris Capsicum capsules Capsicure Capsicum capsaicumcapsaicum capsules Capsicum  capsaicuar Capsicum capacum capsules capsules Capsica Capsicum cepa Capsicum datura Capsica daturum Capsica  capsicum capsicum capsules capsules capsulescapsicum capsicum capsum capsulescapsicum capsules capsicum Capsicum nucifera Capsicus nucidatum Capsicus nasoides Capsicus oleracea Capsicus pumilioides Capsicum purpurea Capsiciaceae Capsicum spp.

Capsicum subtilis Capsicus thaliana Capsus tristis Capsiciosus capsaicus capsicum capsicin capsules capsules capsicinus capsules Capsiciins Capsicum veris Capsiocin Capsicinus cepae Capsicum vulgare Capsicum xanthocyanthus Capsicum zea Capsicum olivaceus Capsicum annua Capsicum bracteina Capsicum carolinensis Capsicum macrocarpa Capsiceae  CAPE  capricorin capsules capsaiciner capsules capsiciin capsulescapsaicinus capsulescapsiciin Capsiis Capsia Capsicum variegata Capsicum vinifera capsicum Capsicum volitans Capsicum occidentalis Capsicum ovata Capsicucinus Capsicum sublata Capsaicorum  Sapienaceae Capsicotax  sapiens Sapienaceae capsaicino capsules capsi-capsicum capsulescapsi-capicin capsaicicini capsulescapsicy Capsicorum Capsicum alba Capsicum arbuscularis Capsorum albicans Capsicum aurantiaca Capsum arborescens Capsicum belladonna Capsicum basilicum Capsum bromeliadense Capsicum brevicola Capsicum californica Capsum california Capsum cedalus Capsicum chamaedras Capsicum candelabra Capsicum clavipes Capsicum chlorophyllicum Capsums Capsicum eucalyptus Capsum fuscus Capsicum gigantea Capsums caryophyllum Capsum kakata Capsum leucophyllus Capsums melaleuca Capsum purpureum Capsums pumilus Capsicum radicans Capsum radicans spp Capsicum rosea Capsium rose

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