‘The Real Housewives of New York’ star who is ‘scary’ is not in hospital

  • September 17, 2021

It’s not clear whether this will be the last time you see “The Real” Housewives star and “The View” co-host Teresa Giudice, but her father is not worried.

Giudices daughter, who goes by Teresa, was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital Monday after suffering from pneumonia, according to TMZ.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia and other complications at the end of May, but was discharged Tuesday and is expected to make a full recovery, the website reported.

Giuardi is “scary,” according to the “Real” cohosts father.

The “Real Housewives” star has been hospitalized several times over the years and has been diagnosed with a range of health issues, including pneumonia.

She also recently underwent heart surgery.

Giudsons health has not been disclosed.

“I just think it’s so bizarre, and so strange, and that’s how I feel,” Giudis father, Michael Giuditta, told TMZ.

“It’s like the world’s been put in a blender.

I think she’s going to make the best of it.”

Giudits health and her illness are being closely monitored, the “Rudy” host told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday.

She is “out of the hospital and in good spirits,” according the “New York Post.”

Giudias health has been a source of fascination for her fans since her diagnosis.

In April, her brother, David, told the New York Post that Teresa would likely not survive long.

“The truth is that Teresa will have to live with the fact that she will be in the hospital for a long time, but I don’t know what that will be,” he said.

“She has to live.

That’s the way I feel about it.

She’s a wonderful woman.

She’ll be OK.”

The “Ruds” host also said he was “not too worried” about Giudittas health, according the New Yorker.

“There is a chance that she might die,” he added.

Giudiis brother also told the “Today” show that he is not surprised by her illness, adding that he was unaware of the diagnosis.

“What surprises me is the way she’s treated,” David Giudici said.

“‘She’s just so cool.

She does everything for me.

I’m so lucky to have her.

She has such a strong spirit, and I think that’s really important.

She makes you feel so much better.”

Giuigis health was the subject of an emotional plea on Twitter on Monday.

“If I was Teresa Giudi, I would be in heaven,” wrote @BrettGibson.

“You should be too.

I can’t thank you enough for being my best friend.”

“I’m praying that Teresa has a miracle,” another follower added.

“My God, I know Teresa is very scared and she may be in a coma for a while.

But she is doing the best she can.”

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