A study shows how magnesium supplements can reduce heart attacks and strokes

  • December 10, 2021

By Melissa Besser, CNNHealthThe American Heart Association says it’s been the focus of nearly every major study ever done on how supplements can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

But the study published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine looked at data from nearly 4,000 people.

And the findings were startling.

The study looked at the effects of a supplement called “Magnesium Deficiency” for six months.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps your body use more of the water and oxygen it needs to operate properly.

It can also help prevent calcium deposits from forming in your bones and help you lose weight.

The most popular magnesium supplement, Magnesium Citrate, is found in both soft drinks and capsules, along with supplements like B vitamins and Zinc.

It is also sometimes sold as “Meal Time.”

But the new study found that Magnesium Deficit didn’t help people stay out of the hospital for longer than a few days after starting the supplement.

The study found people taking the supplement had a 2% risk of a heart attack or stroke, compared with a 0.2% risk for people who weren’t taking the supplements.

“The magnesium deficiency, which is associated with increased risk of death, could also result in adverse outcomes including stroke and heart attack,” the study says.

The authors said they weren’t able to compare people who were taking the Magnesium Supplement to people who didn’t take the supplement, because it’s difficult to measure how long people were taking it.

A magnesium deficiency can cause serious side effects, such as muscle weakness, seizures, and weight gain, the researchers said.

But they noted that magnesium is also very inexpensive, and the study’s findings suggest people who are already taking supplements should not feel overwhelmed by the supplement’s potential benefits.

The researchers did not look at people taking other types of supplements, such an herbal supplement, and didn’t find any side effects.

The new study also suggests that a Magnesium supplement might not be a good idea for people with a higher-risk condition, such a heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure.

People who are predisposed to heart disease and have high blood pressures might benefit from taking an anti-inflammatory supplement such as a calcium-rich supplement like Spirulina, the study suggests.

The findings suggest that the supplement could be a better option for people taking medication to manage their symptoms, or for those who have severe allergies to the ingredient in the supplement — such as people with asthma.

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